Trekking poles aren’t a complex purchase. Nonetheless, choosing the right ones involves a little bit of research. There are many types of such poles, each of them with its advantages and drawbacks. You can’t have everything in one model, so you need to choose the compromise that affects you the least. If you know you are going to go on challenging hikes, on rugged terrain, it’s best to pick some very solid poles, the ones that have the best durability. Otherwise, you may need to change them every year, or even more often. If you enjoy extremely long backpacking hikes, you can expect to carry your trekking poles around when you don’t use them. By choosing an ultra-light model, you are going to ease your life a bit. Of course, extremely lightweight poles aren’t as durable as the other models, but if you don’t need to put them to heavy use, you may be just fine.

Seasoned mountaineers need their poles to be adjustable in length. When going uphill, you need longer poles than when you do downhill, so you should make sure you get some adjustable ones. Moreover, you need to know that you can make the adjustments very fast, without the need of nay special tools. The last thing you want on a long mountain hike is to slow down the entire group just because you need time to adjust the length of your trekking poles.

A manufacturer would never reveal such details, so you need to rely on user reviews to determine which type of poles would be best for you. Besides, user reviews can help you understand much better how you can expect to feel when using various hiking poles models. You’ll know which ones are best for people who have sweaty palms, which ones work better for hiking during winter time, and what to choose for the hot summer days. There are many small differences and details that can influence your satisfaction level. However, you can’t learn about them directly from the vendors or the manufacturers, as they never tell such things. Besides, what one user loves, another one might hate. This is why you have to find some people like you and see what they think about the trekking poles they’ve used. This is the fastest and the most reliable way of obtaining the information you need for making an excellent purchase. By reading such reviews, you can find out what are the brands that provide the best support, the ones that are easier to carry around, or the ones that can last a lifetime without breaking, even on rugged terrain and very difficult mountain paths. As prices may vary with these features, if you only need your poles to help you in your morning walks through the city, you may be happy with a basic pair, and save the money difference to buy something else.

Why would you get your poles adjustable in length, if you are never going to need this feature?

You can simply choose the right length for your height and call it a happy day. This would enable you to save some money, as telescopic poles are a bit more expensive than classic ones. This is also valid for the durability of the trekking poles. If you aren’t going to climb the Everest or any other mountain top for that matter, why would you invest in features you won’t need while taking a stroll in the nearest park? By reading reviews, you can find the best option for you, the purchase which is going to represent the best value for money. How cool is this?