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Where To Find Trekking Pole Reviews You Can Trust

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Trekking poles are quite common today. Everybody uses them, from experienced mountaineers to occasional hikers. Even elderly people who only want to walk around their block have discovered the advantages of using a solid pair or poles in their strolls. However, buying a pair of poles needs a certain amount of research, especially if you want to make the best purchase. You have to become aware of all possible features, to understand how some of them can cater to your personal needs better than others, and what brands are the most reliable among all.

All major brands would provide detailed descriptions of their poles, together with a list of benefits, so consumers can understand what their gain would be, should they choose that particular brand and model. Nonetheless, no description can compare with honest and unbiased reviews written by the actual users of the product. You can find out exactly what John or Mary think about using a certain model of trekking poles in their adventures on the mountain. This kind of experience offers you a much better opportunity to assess the quality and the advantages of each model so that you can avoid the ones that might make you miserable.

The only problem with online reviews is that it’s hard to tell the unbiased ones from the paid ones. There are manufacturers who pay consumers to endorse their products, without even trying them first. Unfortunately, you can find such fake reviews even in trustworthy places such as Amazon and eBay. The good news is that the Amazon staff works hard to discover fake reviews and delete them from their system. Anyway, as a general rule, if you see a trekking pole that has hundreds of reviews, you can probably trust them, as it is impossible to fake that many user opinions. On the contrary, if a product only has a handful of opinions, all of them positive, you should try to find some more information elsewhere, as they might be added into the system by users who have received compensation from that seller.

Discussion forums and Facebook groups can be excellent sources of trekking pole reviews you can trust. These groups are usually created by passionate people, and they are heavily moderated, so it’s not so easy to get a fake review published. The moderators are good at spotting all attempts at manipulating the minds of their group members, so they are going to ban everybody who tries to cheat the system. These communities can offer you all the information you need, so you should consider becoming a member of a few of them and start interacting with other users. You may even end up by making some friends to go on future trips together, so try to be nice, helpful and polite. All these discussion forums have sections in which members can ask questions about various pieces of equipment and gear so that others can tell them what they think about these items. If you can’t find the trekking pole models you want to know more about, you can start a thread yourself, and ask the other members if they have any experience they might like to share. You’ll be surprised to see how willing to help most people are.

In conclusion, you can find lots of trustworthy reviews if you follow the tips mentioned above and advice. Stay away from products that have only raving reviews, try to match the profile of the reviewer with your needs and preferences, and then make your final choice. You have all the chances to end up with a solid pair of trekking poles to serve you for many years.…

What One Can Learn From Trekking Pole Reviews

Trekking poles aren’t a complex purchase. Nonetheless, choosing the right ones involves a little bit of research. There are many types of such poles, each of them with its advantages and drawbacks. You can’t have everything in one model, so you need to choose the compromise that affects you the least. If you know you are going to go on challenging hikes, on rugged terrain, it’s best to pick some very solid poles, the ones that have the best durability. Otherwise, you may need to change them every year, or even more often. If you enjoy extremely long backpacking hikes, you can expect to carry your trekking poles around when you don’t use them. By choosing an ultra-light model, you are going to ease your life a bit. Of course, extremely lightweight poles aren’t as durable as the other models, but if you don’t need to put them to heavy use, you may be just fine.

Seasoned mountaineers need their poles to be adjustable in length. When going uphill, you need longer poles than when you do downhill, so you should make sure you get some adjustable ones. Moreover, you need to know that you can make the adjustments very fast, without the need of nay special tools. The last thing you want on a long mountain hike is to slow down the entire group just because you need time to adjust the length of your trekking poles.

A manufacturer would never reveal such details, so you need to rely on user reviews to determine which type of poles would be best for you. Besides, user reviews can help you understand much better how you can expect to feel when using various hiking poles models. You’ll know which ones are best for people who have sweaty palms, which ones work better for hiking during winter time, and what to choose for the hot summer days. There are many small differences and details that can influence your satisfaction level. However, you can’t learn about them directly from the vendors or the manufacturers, as they never tell such things. Besides, what one user loves, another one might hate. This is why you have to find some people like you and see what they think about the trekking poles they’ve used. This is the fastest and the most reliable way of obtaining the information you need for making an excellent purchase. By reading such reviews, you can find out what are the brands that provide the best support, the ones that are easier to carry around, or the ones that can last a lifetime without breaking, even on rugged terrain and very difficult mountain paths. As prices may vary with these features, if you only need your poles to help you in your morning walks through the city, you may be happy with a basic pair, and save the money difference to buy something else.

Why would you get your poles adjustable in length, if you are never going to need this feature?

You can simply choose the right length for your height and call it a happy day. This would enable you to save some money, as telescopic poles are a bit more expensive than classic ones. This is also valid for the durability of the trekking poles. If you aren’t going to climb the Everest or any other mountain top for that matter, why would you invest in features you won’t need while taking a stroll in the nearest park? By reading reviews, you can find the best option for you, the purchase which is going to represent the best value for money. How cool is this?…

Choosing The Best Trekking Poles With Trekking Pole Reviews

Trail Pro Shock Trekking Poles The Black Diamond
Trail Pro Shock Trekking Poles The Black Diamond

Trekking poles along with hiking staffs have become standardized equipment for a variety of snowshoers, backpackers, walkers, trekkers and of course hikers. The reason for this equipment is pretty simple as they provide support and stability on various types of terrain. Below are reviewed on some of the top trekking poles available on the market.

Trail Pro Shock Trekking Poles The Black Diamond

In the majority of trekking poles, the shock-absorbing mechanisms are situated in the lower part of the shaft, which often generates a spring type bounce-back when the pole is planted into the ground. However, the Black Diamond makes use of an innovative 4-part system featured in the part of the grip. There are three very small dampeners which are stacked discreetly just below the area of the handle along with a mechanism that offers rebound-control in the higher part of the shaft. This results in superior shock absorption without the on-going effect.

The Leki TourStick Vario Carbon

Carbon is a very light material when it comes to trekking poles but is susceptible to cuts and nicks that eventually end up in breakage. Material such as aluminum is tougher but weighs more. The Leki TourStick uses both these materials, with aluminum in the lower sections that are more prone to damage from rocks, snowshoes, skis or crampons. This trekking pole is suggested as fuss-free and foolproof with the foam grip that uses an extended egg-shaped shape that is ideal for palming on the descents and climbs.

The Easton Hike Carbon 3

When tested in even the harshest climates and terrains, this all-carbon, lightweight poles excelled. These 3-section poles have been created out of a carbon fiber that is layered in various directions to maximize rigidity and strength. The low-profile clamp on these trekking poles offers rock-solid adjustments. The maximum length is 55-inches which match up to the standard, but the 32-inch poles are shorter than the average and are fantastic for scaling those super-steep slopes.

MSR Deploy TR3

In many cases, having to stop every few minutes to adjust trekking poles can become annoying and even dangerous when the hiker is clinging onto the sides of an icy summit-slope. For the hikers, skiers and mountaineers that frequently change terrain the MSR Deploy provides a convenient and safe method to adjust their poles at any given time with only one hand. The spring-loaded trigger featured in the handle releases by squeezing the handle. The lower and middle shafts then pop out into the slots that then lock with the use of a metal button. The shafts are constructed out a strong and light aircraft-grade aluminum which offers exceptional stability on the off-trail and steep terrain.

Leki Cristallo

These trekking poles are associated with the simplicity of flicking open the lid of lighters with the externally based locking mechanism. This mechanism only needs a thumb flip to close or open, and the plastic-dial on the other side of the clamps can be turned with just one finger even wearing gloves to loosen or tighten up the pole-shafts. The rock-solid adjustments are derived from the locking lever that fits exceptionally well into grooved-slots so that they never loosen while hiking. Also, the ultra-secure fiberglass and stainless steel 2-inch clamps offer solid holds, and the construction is not prone to breaks when compared to the plastic clamps featured on various other types of trekking poles. The rubber grip features a great angle that is unique to other types that are tilted slightly forward to offer an ergonomic position for the hands.…